Use Security Screws For Signs In Order To Prevent Theft

Use Tamper Proof Screws For Signs In Order To Prevent Theft

State and local government officials know exactly how to prevent sign theft, let me tell you. I shouldn’t know this, but I did have my wild days. Hasn’t everyone seen a street sign that they wanted in their room as a teenager? One of the signs I wanted said ‘Butts Here,’ signifying that people were supposed to put out their cigarette butts at that spot. It was supposed to be a funny sign, albeit not a street sign.

People steal all kinds of signs, and of course, it can be a favorite activity of deviant youth. Therefore, it’s important to use tamper-proof screws so that signs can’t be stolen, at least easily anyway.

One time I was with a person that wanted a street sign that featured his last name. We went after stealing that street sign, and I’ll tell you, it took forever to get it off. We were not able to dismantle the sign at all. And then we went after another sign that we never did get off the post.

tamperproof-screwWhen the right screws are used, it’s hard to get them off because people don’t have the right tools. We didn’t even try to get the right tools because we decided we could just use a hammer. It kind of worked, but not really. Anyway, we shouldn’t have been engaging in those activities.

While street signs are often put in place with the right hardware, other signs often are not. This means that people need to pay more attention to how these signs are installed. Is it their fault that the signs get stolen? No, but it would help matters to use tamperproof screws for signs that you want to keep around for quite awhile without them being stolen.