Tips That Can Help You Print Great Stickers


If you want to print the best quality stickers, you’re going to need to make sure that you know what you are doing. You can make these yourself with your printer, or you can hire a printing company to help you with them. Whatever you decide to do, you can use what you are going to learn here so you can get started. The more familiar you are with the process involved with printing stickers, the better off the final product is going to be for you.

Stickers are going to need to have graphics to be printed from so that they make good looking prints onto the paper that you use to create them. You can’t just blow up a small image or try to shrink down an enormous one without doing it proportionately, or it may not work out in the way you’d think it would. You’re going to want to try to find something that is the exact size you want your sticker to be. That, or figure out how you can get something resized with the right proportions so you can know it will look great.

There needs to be a printer that you can use to help you to print out the stickers you are making onto a material that works for this kind of thing. You can’t just use a regular printer that accepts only paper and tries to put in the sticker kind that is a lot thicker because it may just jam up a standard printer. Instead, make sure that you can fit in this type of paper and that the printer says in its instructions or on the packaging that it’s meant for this.

You’re going to want to look for print shops in your area that let you know whether or not you are getting service from a place that is going to be able to do what is needed. You can just do a search for printers and stickers to see what you come up with, but if you want to know more, you can always email or call a printing company. Determine whether they are equipped to make the stickers you need and if you’re buying in bulk make sure you indicate that to see if you can get a lower price.

Dorothy Anderson of Vancouver Label Printing gives good advice “Don’t pay too much to get things printed without getting a test run done first. The problem a lot of companies have is that they can say they can do a job for a lot less and give you an impressive result, but when you get the printing done it doesn’t look right. When you get a test done before you print a ton of things, you can then figure out whether or not this is something you can deal with regularly or if you should go elsewhere for better printing.”

Sticker paper quality is a problem to look into as well because if it’s not that great, then you’re going to find yourself having to deal with the stickers not adhering to anything in the right way. There are other problems if the paper has been sitting around for too long that it no longer is going to let you stick anything to it any longer because it’s just wearing out due to the elements. There are higher quality options, but to save the most maker sure you’re working with fresh adhesive on your paper and replace it with a couple of years.

There are a lot of tips for printing the best quality stickers. It’s important that if you want to save money and time that you do this as best, you can the first time you attempt to make labels or have them made for you. As technology gets more and more advance, you can expect there to be some cheap ways to do printing at home on a variety of materials. It’s a good plan to have a lot of options at your disposal when it comes to this so you can have various types of stickers and decals created.