How Do Trophies Encourage Young People To Do Their Best?

What kid doesn’t have all his or her trophies on display? How many trophies did you get as a child? Don’t forget about those participation trophies and ribbons. Yes, ribbons serve as trophies, too. Of course, kids aren’t the only ones that get trophies. And of course, there are some that say awards reward people and leave others out, hence the inception of participation rewards. We have asked Lane Award in Phoenix ( to help us with this article on how trophies are used for encouragement:

My opinion about the matter falls somewhere in between those lines, and I think that the participation trophy is the best trophy ever. Why? Kids get the biggest kick out of trophies, and those participation trophies are very important. Kids dream big, and they get to explore all kinds of things, picking up trophies that encourage them along the way.

Effort Is Rewarded Through Trophies

kid-smiling-with-trophyMany of those kids may never be the next MLB star, but the participation trophy for Little League Baseball means something to them. Trophies are symbols that show the effort that people put into something, and it motivates them to keep putting forth that effort. Participation trophies represent teamwork, and so kids are motivated to continue working together with each other, and not just in the sports world or in academic competitions.

There are all kinds of different trophies out there. A trophy also represents a journey that has been taken, and it motivates and encourages a person to take that type of journey once again and discover new things. How have trophies encouraged you?

I think that trophies empower young people as well. Again, there is a school of thought about the disadvantages of trophies as well. You don’t want people to be left out, but at the same time, the kids need to be acquainted with the real world. Plus, as mentioned, I am a big fan of the participation trophy.

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